Saturday, May 2, 2009

Angels rejoicing

So often we pray for our loved ones and wonder if the prayers will be answered in our lifetime. Well, tonight, in fact just 27 minutes ago we got one of those calls that is such a privilege. Our daughter-in-law called to tell us that she just got saved. She has accepted Jesus as her personal saviour.
We are rejoicing with the angels in heaven too. She has many questions, and at this very moment my husband is answering some of them. I can hear the excitement in the tone of his voice.
We pray for all our family, and this particular part of the family is one that we thought would be a difficult arduous process.
Oh how God blesses! We are so glad He is in control.
This victory also makes us more aware to pray more diligently for others.
I pray for all those who read this and if you haven't taken that step or need to rededicate your life to Jesus, please don't wait do it now.
Love and Blessings to all.