Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishin' At The Foot

Fishin' at the foot has many meanings for me. I grew up in a fishing family. My family is also Christian, so fishing at the foot also has a spiritual meaning for me as well. As I have the ideas for writings I will write them and develop them more.Today I am at the foot; praying for family and friends as we try to heal from a recent tragedy in our family and the health wellbeing of all our family members.
The tragedy was the untimely death of our 19 year old grandson. It doesn't feel normal that a child should die before the parents, and in this case before his grand and great-grandparents. He was full of life and getting ready to graduate from community college. He loved water sports and was a great son, brother, cousin, friend and so much more.
Only God knows the why and one day we will understand it all. Until then I am at the foot of the cross praying for the mourning to become comfort and joy as promised.

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