Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009-The Year for Change

Well here we are in 2009 and I for one plan to spend a lot more time at the foot. The "Foot of the Cross" that is. As a country we are in a scary and exciting time. The economy, although frightening at times, can also be exciting. I believe and trust that the LORD has plans we cannot even fathom in our human mortal minds. So many times in my life when I thought things were so bad that I didn't even know where the money would come from for our food or rent, somehow it came and we didn't starve or freeze. I pray daily for those who are in this kind of a situation now, because for them it is a scary and frightening time. What is exciting about it is when the LORD works it out and we look back and say WOW, I couldn't have imagined that!
We are seeing an increase of the Holy Spirit move in our church now and I believe that it is directly related to the trying times we are in. When we leave the church building we know that we had an encounter with the Holy living God. It seems no one is left untouched. It is unlike anything I have seen in 15 years. Ohhh Remember the mid '90s!! What a move that was.
And that is what I am seeing today.
At the end of the service we are anticipating the next one. I for one know that we are in for an exciting time, so I plan to put on my seatbelt and hang on for my prayer is:
"Come LORD, Quickly Come"
Vivian Farley

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Jim said...

Hi Sister
That greeting works in the natural as well as the spiritual, isn't that cool. I liked your latest blog. The groups I attend, as well as my own encounters with God, are all saying the same thing.

Buckle up is a great word to use for the coming season.

Love you In Christ and out.